John Kincaid


Having lived, studied, and worked in Tokyo for over 8 years, I’ve learned that nothing beats the joy of helping someone succeed. Through teaching and advising, I aim to help my students achieve their goals and challenge them to improve even further.

I am an experienced English teacher, advisor, and lecturer with a Masters degree in International Relations from Tokyo University. My work experience includes: teaching all levels of English to both adults and children; assisting university students and professionals with academic, essay, and email writing; advising and instructing business professionals at a major Japanese bank; and preparing my students for a wide variety of exams, including EIKEN, the UN Associations Test of English, TOEFL, TOEIC, and more.

Using my knowledge and experience, I am fully confident that I can help you achieve your goals. I believe that to master a skill, it is important to enjoy doing it. Thus, my teaching method combines strictness with fun to achieve optimal results. I am very much looking forward to meeting you.